The Emmys of Dutch television

October 15, 2015 was the 3rd Thursday of October and therefor an important day for Dutch television. Each year on that day the “Televizier-ring gala” is held in Amsterdam. For 2 months the Dutch public has been voting for their favorite television program, presenter or actor. Even more special is the fact this price can only be won once in a program’s lifetime.

As this year was the 50th anniversary of the award show, expectations were high! Unfortunately the show made a false start with the openings act going wrong. Jan Smit (a Dutch singer), the presenter of the show, had a hard time connecting with the audience and his jokes didn’t really land. Nevertheless the show went on as planned.

Besides the awards that are presented during the gala there are also a few smaller awards that were given out in the weeks before. All winners are chosen by the public.

A few of the smaller awards:

Best actress drama – Isa Hoes

Most reliable presenter – Antoinette Hertzenberg

Most funny TV personality – Ruben Nicolai

Best male winner ever – Robert ten Brink

Favorite bad guy – Erik de Vogel (Ludo in soap “Goede tijden, Slechte tijden”)

Best TV magician – Viktor Mids

Biggest reality talent – Roy Donders

Of course this was not the main focus of the show. Who was going to be the best TV male or female and win a Silver Star? Who was going to win the talent award? What will be the best program of 2015?

The answers were given in the traditional order. Right at the start of the show “Freeks wilde wereld” was chosen as the best children’s program and won “de gouden stuiver”. The price was presented by the old formation of Belgian girl group K3.

The best male and female were presented by Nelleke van der Krogt and Maxime Hartman. Nelleke resigned from television this year after a long career in which she never won the Silver Star. Maxime is known as the man of all man, because he’s a presenter on RTL7 (this channel has the slogan “More for men”). The Silver Star female went to Chantal Janzen, she’s a presenter for RTL and currently also employed by a German broadcaster. The Silver Star male went to Johnny de Mol, he’s also a presenter for RTL and the nephew of television giant John de Mol (Endemol productions).

Big surprise of the night came when Linda de Mol was called to the stage. She wasn’t nominated for any award this year. Linda earned the lifetime achievement award and became the 3rd in the history of this show to get this price. Linda started on television when she was 12 years old and since that time she has made over 6000 hours of television.

The show continued with the talent award. This award is meant to encourage the winner to continue the work he or she is doing. The award was presented by Hardwell, Dutch DJ who became 1st of the world this year. The award was won by Jan Versteegh, currently working for broadcaster BNN. Three years ago Jan changed his life by quitting his job as a gymnastic teacher and starting television.

Finally the moment was there, the lines were closed after a 4 minutes long countdown in which the old winners were honored once more. Who would win this year’s ring and become the 50th winner? The organization gave Jette van der Meij and Bartho Braath the opportunity to present this winner. Both are acting in the 25 year old soap-series “Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden” right from the very start. Expeditie Robinson (RTL5), Syndroom (RTL4) or Streetlab (BNN). Halfway the show was announced Syndroom was in the lead, would this still be the case when the time to vote ended? …. Yes it was! 50th winner of the Televizier-Ring is Syndroom. A program in which Johnny de Mol (also best male this year) gives young adults with a down syndrome the day of their lives!



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