ASAP Halloween – Last minute make up ideas

Especially for all the BREWED chicks out there

Trick or treat? That sure is something you’re going to hear a lot tomorrow! And if that’s not enough – everyone will be discussing Halloween parties and talking about how awesome their costumes are going to be. What are you going to dress up as for this year’s Halloween? If you are anything like me – then you are probably waiting until the last possible moment to pick up an outfit. Then suddenly – it’s already the morning of Halloween and you still have nothing to wear. You go through thousands of videos and pictures on the internet, looking for something simple and easy to recreate. It doesn’t come as any surprise though, that for every single thing you like, you need a wig, a whole new outfit, a suitcase full of makeup and most importantly – a fairy that is going to turn you into that super cool and unique colorful-witchy-khaleesi-alien-creature that you came up with in your head. Unfortunately we can’t help you with finding Cinderella’s magical helper, but what we can do is share with you a few easy to recreate and very fun to wear makeup ideas.

Grab on a black eyeliner and some black eyeshadows and turn yourself into an awesome looking cat. Meow.




If you’ve always had a thing for wicked witches – we got you covered! We decided on adding a little bit of extra creepiness by drawing a nice big spider web on the forehead. Mess up your hair real nice and put on a long black dress and you’re ready to fly up in the sky on your special broom!




In case you’re one of those people who like to dress up as something creepy and scary – go for a clown, and make it a dark and freaky one! There are so many people who are afraid of clowns (including yours truly), so you would definitely freak your friends out. If you want to add some extra spice to your costume – take a nice, big plastic knife with you – sneak around and say a big, smiley “Hello” to them when they are not expecting you (make sure to have your knife ve-e-e-ry close to their throats)

butcher ASAP Halloween (Vanessa)


Written by Vanesa Marinova

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