Camp F**k It


In 2005 John and Gaia Parkin said F**k It to their jobs, moved to Italy and opened their first F**K It retreat called The Hill That Breathes. Quoting the owners: ‘A place where there is relaxing a-plenty, there’s letting go big-time, there’s breathing, qigong-ing, eating and swimming’.

The F**k It way of life started when John & Gaia realised that saying Fuck It to things was as powerful as all the eastern spiritual stuff they’d been practising for years. That is when they decided to open their F**k It retreat centre in Italy.

Their mission: “To allow every single sentient human being the opportunity to relax, let go and realise that things aren’t so darned important really by using a very simple phrase… F**k It”.

Freshman would be advised to start with the F**k It Classic week. “You can scream in the woods sleep through every session or chill out by the pool with a beer – anything that helps you let go is OK on a F**k It week” (The Observer). However for those how are ready for a deeper experience of F**k It there is the F**k It Magic week and even the F**k It Masters week.

Interested in changing your own way of life and live by the F**k It mentality?

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