Virtual Reality 2.0

Impressed by the capabilities of the Oculus Rift?
That is just a minor step in comparison to some technologies and concepts that are currently being developed.

Virtuix Omni
Always wanted a full virtual reality experience in your living room? With the Virtuix Omni this will be possible later this year. Mainly aimed at using it together with video games, the Virtuix Omni grants players the ability to move, look, and do what they want, when they want, without them having to leave the immersive world of their favourite game.
The Virtuix Omni Package, which is priced at just $699, will contain the Virtuix Omni platform, shoes, tracking pods, tracking software, and the impressive Omni Harness. Step into the world of the Virtuix Omni, or actually, the world of your favourite game, because this will without a doubt be the most immersive gaming experience you will be able to put in your living room this year.
Virtuix Omni2

If you do not want to step into a virtual world everyday within your own home, but do fancy some adventure, THE VOID might be something for you. Instead of buying virtual reality glasses or equipment, THE VOID gives you the opportunity to step into one of the Virtual Entertainment Centres. Described as a virtual reality theme park, THE VOID places visitors into a full virtual world in which they can manoeuvre themselves. To make the virtual world fully functional, players are outfitted with an interactive suit. Sounds exciting? Check the video beneath for an action packed sneak peak. THE VOID should soon open its virtual doors in Salt Lake City, but let us hope that this amazing concept will reach Europe in the near future as well.

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