The Subculture Within A Subculture: Meet Straight-Edge

Straight Edge by Bring Sven The Horizon

Do not do drugs, do not drink and do not have loose sex

That is the mantra for Straight-Edgers. But what does this lifestyle include?
BREWED dove into the subculture called Straight-Edge by interviewing 21-year old Gabriëlle Karsowidjojo who lives by the rules of the fascinating Straight-Edge lifestyle.
We spoke with Gabriellë about hardliners, her motivation behind the lifestyle and the benefits the Straight-Edge lifestyle offers.

Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Gabriëlle Karsowidjojo. I was born on the 22nd of November, 1993 in Suriname. I’m a Graphic Designer, film maker and trendspotter for an alternative fashion webshop.

Can you describe what the Straight Edge movement entails?
Straight edge or sXe, entails no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol and for me, no sex without having a relationship. SXe is a hardcore family, which makes you stronger in life.

What made you decide to say fuck it and become a member of the Straight-Edge community?
I love punk, hardcore and metal music, besides that I never drank alcohol, smoked or did drugs. I never knew there was a name for it but now I know the culture is called Straight-Edge.

I made friends on Instagram, which are also part of sXe. They were a good influence on me and it helped me to stay strong and be positive in life. I was not alone anymore and it is okay to party sober.

In what way does the Straight-Edge lifestyle benefit you?
I do not take shit to have some fun. SXe is my way to live a healthy lifestyle, stay strong and be positive. It also saves me money so I can do more fun things with the money saved.

What do you think about hardliners (Radical Straight Edgers)?
I do not like hardliners because I think they are to radical in their believes. Everybody has his own life and there own decisions. Just be who you want to be and stay true to yourself!


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