Drugs Research 1 – Binaural Beats

Drugs use is currently more popular than ever in The Netherlands. According to a research done by KWR, the average drug use in our small country was the highest of all examined European countries in 2014. Even though we probably all know that drugs are bad for your health, lots of people still like to take the risk to reach an altered state of consciousness. In the upcoming weeks Brewed will be trying out safe ways to get high without using drugs, with this week Binaural Beats.


Binaural beats are created by playing two loud tones in each ear, that are very close in frequency. The brain processes these sounds by filling in the difference and creating a third tone that is roughly the difference of the two. When we take a closer look we see that if you play a 500 Hz tone in one ear and 510 Hz tone in the other, your brain will create a binaural tone of 10 Hz. Depending of the height of this binaural tone, your brain can be put into different brain states, and possibly alter your consciousness.

For this experiment we tried to get into an altered state through binaural beats with help of the video above. This binaural beat was designed to mimic the frequencies that your brain encounters when taking magic mushrooms. To reach the best effect you need to lay down in a comfortable position. Put on your headphones, the better headphones you have, the better the effect, bring the volume to a comfortable level and relax. It is important that you are not too skeptical when watching the video, or else you will not feel anything. Try to focus only on the sound and breath consciously.

Conclusion: If you think that you will get hallucinations of watching this video, you will end up disappointed. Body movements can feel like their being fast-forwarded however, and you might get the sense that you are dreaming. The effects do not last very long and hardly give you the feeling that you have taken magic mushrooms. Nonetheless it was an interesting experience, and definitely worth trying out on a lazy afternoon!

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