Carnival as seen by an Asian

As I am from South Korea, I’d never been to this thing called ‘carnival’ in Europe before. Lots of people have asked me ‘Have you ever heard of carnival?’, ‘What are you going to do for carnival break?’. I had no idea what to expect, yet was curious to find out what the fuss of carnival was all about. So I awaited the festive carnival, uncertain how to feel about it all.

To cut to the point, it was better than I imagined. Even though the streets were quite messy after the crazy nights in city center, I think perfectly cleaned streets would be even weirder in such a carnival week.


The best was watching people wear adorable costumes. Especially old people wearing animal costumes and superheroes costumes were really impressive. I cannot imagine that kind of festival culture in my home country because most people over there are a bit conservative. We have traditional holidays, but in most families there are certain roles attached to people during those holidays. For example, women cook every dish and men just wait for those dishes and welcome people. So it can be hard to have everyone enjoy these holidays in South Korea. But in Breda, it was so good to see everyone enjoying the moment.

Wearing costumes, drinking, partying and walking with the parade… Though I could not have enough time to rest, I think it was perfect week. In addition, I’ve met lots of happy, kind and cool Dutch people during carnival! Like one of my classmates, Sophie, who made my carnival week even more perfect. I’ve been told carnival is not as big in north of Holland as south, so I am very lucky to be staying here in Breda!


Written by Subin Jo



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