Weirdest Things Sold on Ebay

Looking for some quick cash? One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.
In that line of thinking, it might be a good idea to get rid of your useless possessions by selling them on Ebay.
Don’t think you have anything worth for sale? Think again.
You would be surprised what has been sold on the website.
Take a look at the weirdest items that were ever posted for sale on Ebay.

Turns out selling your kidney stone on Ebay is quite a common practice.
It’s an interesting way to turn an unpleasant experience into a positive one.
While the mortals have to market their kidney stones as ‘fresh’,
celebrities are selling their body waste with a bang.
The rock and roll legend from the Kiss – Gene Simons, did it without any shame.
He put for sale his precious operation left-over and got 15 000 dollars from the deal.
Later on, he donated all the money for a good cause.

After his divorce Ian Usher decided that he needed a fresh start.
He was so fed up with his life that he put it all on an auction.
The Ebay pact included the man’s house, his car, and even his job.
As a bonus, the lucky buyer was also introduced to all of Ian’s friends.
The final transaction had the value of 200 000 dollars
and provided Ian with the luxury to travel around the globe in search for his new beginning.

Another wicked practice, that is slowly becoming something of a hype.
The latest ‘virgin for sale’ was the Catarina Migliorini – a university student from Brazil.
She took her choice as a business decision and was not shy to share her opinion with the world.
Catarina’s virginity was sold for the mind blowing 780 000 dollars.
The buyer is a Japanese businessman referred as Natzu, who firmly refused to share his identity.

Okay, these particular auctions might not be exactly the perfect example
of what you might actually sale, but they do portray quite nicely the range options you can work with.
If you don’t have kidney stones, your virginity is long-lost and you’re quite happy with your life,
you can simply open your closet and pick the first useless thing that catches your eye and put on Ebay.
Who knows? You might get a fortune.
Internet’s ways are mysterious.


Image: io9

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