BREWED has put together a list of the top 10 best gifts to buy this Christmas. So keep reading and you might possibly find the perfect last minute gifts for your loved ones!

Smartphone Movie Projector

First on the list, we have the smartphone projector, perfect for a mock up cosy (home) cinema! This little gadget is a genius when you consider it’s only made out of cardboard. All you need to construct this little gem is some glue or double sided tape. The magic of this device is pretty straight forward, if you ask me. Simply place your smartphone at one end inside the box, and then miraculously video or photos will be beamed onto your wall (or other suitable flat surface) at up to eight times the size. Ta da! Cool, right? Pass round the popcorn!

This product can be bought for a mere €20, here!


Booze Tube

The perfect stocking filler for your best mate. No night out is complete without the usual alcohol smuggling technique we have all tried to master time and time again. With a Booze Tube, this can be done so much more easily! It’s almost guaranteed that no one will even notice your smuggling skills upon arrival of an awesome party, or club. The small discrete design similar to a tampon (pretty random, but effective huh?) will get those bouncers dismissing it at the first glance of their eye. Let’s be honest now, no one’s gonna question that, are they?!

These little gems can be bought for a mere 1 dollar from Urban Outfitters.




The DIY Gamer Kit

A perfect gift for all those crazy game nerds out there. Treat your geeky pal to this mind boggling kit, guaranteed to get their brains buzzing as they attempt to put together a handheld games console from scratch!  In the process they will learn a whole buncha’ life skills, electronics, soldering… All that malarkey. The only thing they will need is a soldering iron, so for the avid DIY-er this might not be an issue! Microchips, circuit boards and LED displays all come together to complete your very own programmable handheld console. By the end you will be rewarded with a classic game of snake! Order this device for £35 from the retailer Maplin via this link.

Wine Bottle Glass
A hilarious gag present for wine lovers. A ‘2 in 1’ wine glass AND bottle! Ideally suited for your mum or auntie who enjoys making it a tradition at Christmas time to go cray cray with the help of  her fave bottle of red! Forget the wine glass, it’s not necessary! Simply fill a bottle of wine into this vessel without having to keep refilling your glass! Handy? Very much so, especially when you don’t feel like sharing! Available from Amazon for £16.




Quickrelease P2V+ (swap Vision+ for GoPro and still use APP)

Wanted to see what it’s like being a secret spy for the day? The popular, yet controversial Live Video Camera Drone has it covered (no pun intended)! The Drone is a bit like a remote controlled mini helicopter, with fitted camera device to creep up on your pals, and even neighbours! Say what? The drone has the magical ability to beam back a live feed right to your smartphone, so you can control how far you explore.

You can buy this great little gadget for a ghastly €249. Bit of a burn in your pocket, but it’s all for the fun!


Kidizoom Smart-watch

A smart watch for kids? You might be thinking ‘what the hell, seriously?’ but hey, why shouldn’t kids get involved too?! The Kidizoom smartwatch takes photos and records videos and sounds.  It also includes a Vtech Learning Lodge application, where pictures can be edited with colours, filters and doodles. And if that’s not enough, it also tells the time, so your little bro or sis will soon become a time-telling expert! The smartwatch is a perfect present for your younger sister or brother; they’ll be getting their creative caps on in no time! Available at Bart Smit for €50.



Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch

Is your bed partner currently in a routine of waking you up as THEIR alarm goes off in the early hours of the morning?  What better way to solve this than to give them a silent vibrating alarm watch that will begin vibrating when its their time to wake up. The alarm watch simply fits around the wrist and can be put on before sleeping, to gently wake up your partner (and only him) with those good vibrations! Say hello to a longer peaceful sleep for just £16. Problem solved.


Massaging Foot Warmer

This is perfect for all women out there – girlfriend and mum included! As it’s getting colder by the day, it’s safe to say that winter has arrived. Hello sub-zero temperatures! The massaging foot warmer is ideal on those cold wintery nights when the chill takes a bite at your toes. We all need to take care of ourselves from time to time, right? So, this is the perfect gift to warm up even the coldest of days! Grab this for £30 right here!




Selfie Stick

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the new craze – the smartphone mounted onto the end of a pole, to fulfill all those wide angled selfie needs. Yes, that’s right. It’s the ‘Selfie Stick!’ A perfect present for all those selfie lovers out there, whether it’s your best friend or grandparents! The pole can be extended up to 1 metre in length, allowing for a great group selfie photo with your pals, and giving you tons of space for capturing your surroundings, too! Happy Snapping. The Selfie Stick can be bought for €19,95.



Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping Kit

Know a keen fitness fanatic? Treat them this Christmas to a Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping Kit, the perfect way to shed those pounds after all the scoffing on delicious Christmassy treats! The popular fitness programme can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes 7 action packed workout DVD’s, 2 toning sticks, an exhilarate programme guide with tips and techniques, as well as a weekly workout planner to keep you on track. The routines contain more than 30 rhythms, including merengue, salsa, reggaeton, calypso, cumbia, hip-hop, and belly dancing. Give your relatives or friends the opportunity to shake off the fat!




By Jasmine Smith

Images: Fonq | Urban Outfitters | Maplin | Bart Smit | HeathCare4All | Modepolitie |  Amazon



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