The Weirdest Sex Toys

Sex toys; the guilty pleasure you have always found a little awkward to open up about. Since sex toys have developed, the range of varieties, shapes and sizes have become much more diverse. Do you really know what sex shops have in store for you? We can assure you now that there is a wide range of cheeky products for our favorite three-letter-word.  So, go on, indulge yourself! The BREWED team has researched the weirdest sex toys out there, so dare to keep reading. Beware, however, you may be cringing along the way!




This toy looks really scary, right? This is the ‘Incoqnito Razor Sensation Tool’. Some people apparently like the feeling of sharp tools in their skin (no judging). This beautiful rose-gold looking accessory gives you a variety of sensations to spice up your sex experience. So if you’re a real dare devil and love to experiment with considerably scary looking things, this one’s for you.




Meet the ‘Sqweel Go’! Be honest folks, this device looks really cool and interesting doesn’t it? As you may have already seen, this accessory consists of ten little tongues. So now we can all guess where this one  is used, right? Ok let’s go over to the best feature of this toy! It is small enough to put it in your handbag and take it with you everywhere you go. So if you ever feel bored, you now have something fun to occupy yourself with during your free time!




You see it right girls (or maybe boys), this is the famous my little pony tail we used to love when we were sweet little innocent children! We were always discussing which pony we wanted to be if we could be one, well the sex industry just changed your view about my little pony for the rest of your life, and maybe not in the most positive way. They probably thought that there were still a lot of adult my little pony fans out there and took it to the next level with this object. So if you’re still the young innocent child you used to be and want to feel like a ‘my little pony’, don’t waste it because this your chance!



Well boys, you know that girlfriends are bossy most of the time and want to keep you in a cage so they can have you all for themselves. Our dreams have just come true, now we literally can! We know this looks scary, but the sex industry claims that this toy is nothing to worry about. It is just a silicone penis cage that’s all. The best thing is that you can enjoy this toy with the both of you because it works stimulating for as well men and women. So if you like to trap a man, or be trapped, then you should definitely try this object.



By Bo Koot


Images: Incoqnito | Zerodeals | Keilany | Amazon

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