Christmas Spirit Bucket List: 10 ways to get that ‘Christmassy’ feeling

Overload of assignments? Lack of Christmas Spirit? I feel your pain, however Christmas is not the time to be stressing, but a time of celebration. I’ve made a Christmas Bucket list to help get you back into the spirit of things this year. After all, tis the season to be jolly!

  1.       Wear a Christmas Jumper. Simple but effective. You may not realise it, but wearing a giant reindeer might spark some Christmas magic inside of you. If you’re not a reindeer fan then you can always opt for a Snowman or Elf, no one will judge you, it’s Christmas!
  2.       Take the kiddies on a trip to see Santa. If you can’t find any kids to take then tag along with a friend, the magic of it might bring back those childhood memories. And for the record, you’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap…
  3.    Attend a theatre show. At this time of the year there are numerous Christmas ballets, shows and pantomimes. Sometimes it’s just nice to immerse yourself into a ‘Christmassy’ story world. Theatres are magical places, so it makes sense right?
  4.       Send out Christmas cards. Believe it or not receiving an unexpected Christmas card can brighten someone’s day. Send a handwritten one as it’s more personal, going back to basics has its advantages, occasionally.
  5.       Kiss someone under the mistletoe. Who said this can only happen in films? Christmas is the time to be cheesy, so whether it’s your loved one or not, pucker up and get smoochin’!
  6.      Attend Church. For those who like to remember the real reason Christmas exists. Attending a service on Christmas Eve/Day is the perfect place to share the Christmas spirit for the right reasons.
  7.       Treat yourself to your favourite Christmas goodies. Christmas is not the time to worry about whether or not you are going to look like a fat whale on the beach next year. Put your worries aside and load your cupboards with those sweet sugary treats you have been avoiding all year.
  8.       Take a day out from social media. Turn off your phone and close down your laptop. Spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Take a winter walk and snuggle up with a book. You might find a change in routine refreshing.
  9.       Complete school assignments in time. We are all guilty of leaving everything to the last minute and I know that school work is the last thing you want to think about during the holidays, but make a plan and stick to it. Starting the New Year stressed out your brains is not the ideal plan.
  10.   Avoid Arguments. Tears and tantrums are not going to boost anyone’s Christmas Spirit.  When the family is all together it can be a blessing or a curse but keep the Christmas magic and avoid the silly bickering. They are your family after all, suck it up and enjoy yourself.



By Laura Court-Jones



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