TOP 3: Simple & Cheap Music Videos

Video killed the radio star. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to stand out as an artist if you don’t offer some something for they eya to go with your music. While some go all in with insanely expensive productions such as Katy Perry’s White Horse, others prefer to save their pennies, and use their creativity instead. The team of BREWED has gathered the TOP 3 budget music videos that will leave you speechless.



On third place we have the heart-rending video of ‘That’s What’s Up’ by the indie rock band Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic zeros. Caution: the footage above is so sweet you might get diabetes while watching. A simple, but surprisingly relatable every day love story is revealed by the help of dozens of little kids. It’s amazing how a bunch of sweethearts can bring so much life to a music video.



The runner-up in the chart is the music video of Hippie’s Sabotage’s viral remix of Tove Lo’s ‘Habits’. The video follows a girl in a stalky fish eye camera perspective while she tries to drown all her emotions in alcohol and drugs. Although the video looks rather expensive from a production point of view it didn’t cost a lot. The magic of this video is in the way of filming and editing.



And the winner is … Elle Eyre’s unofficial video for the song ‘If I Go’! For this marvelous video simplicity is key. With barely any production costs, the creative team has managed to produce extremely entertaining footage. The video is not only quite clever, but also relatively easy to reproduce. The stop motion goes perfectly with the beat of the song and won’t let you forget about Ella’s trade mark – the lion logo.


Music videos that are produced on a big scale might please the eye, but at times a pinch of creativity is all you need. Take a good look at our TOP 3 and find your inspiration. Without imagination you can spend all the money in the world, and still have something missing. So, trust your creativity and start experimenting!


By Irena Djourelova


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