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A second on sleep

A lot of people find sleeping the easiest part of the day. However, there are also a lot of things that you can do wrong during your sleep.



Sleeping StudentThe first one is: sleeping on your belly. It would seem that sleeping on your belly, increases chances of neck and back pains. Also your breathing gets slightly blocked, so sleeping on your side is much better.

The second one: Going to bed with a full stomach. Till three hours before you go to sleep you can’t eat anything. At least, nothing heavy. In particular, avoid fatty, fried and spicy food because it may cause heartburn and indigestion. So after a night out make sure you will stay awake for a minimum of 3 hours after your midnight kebab.

Too cold or to warm? Your room has to have a nice temperature, because temperatures above 24 and below 12 degrees disrupt your sleep. And if you are now approximately between persists even promotes your metabolism.

Too much brightness is harmful as well, especially if those street lights shine through your curtains. According to Matt Leve (a physiotherapist from New York) you can best use the, dark curtains or even better, wear a sleep mask.

No standard bedtime. If you do not have a clear sleep schedule, your body doesn’t know when it’s time to sleep. So an whole night of watching series isn’t a great idea.

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  1. Hos oss har gÃ¥bilen vært en vinner 🙂 Ser hun har begynt Ã¥ reise seg opp – da er det nok ikke lenge før hun fÃ¥r kontroll pÃ¥ en gÃ¥bil ogsÃ¥ :-)De er ikke spesielt dyre heller – og det er jo en fin ting 🙂

  2. Haha my brother lived with *only* a rice cooker for years on -until he met an oven. The rice cooker and the oven got married, my brother too (but with a charming lady!), and they’ve been living happily altogether…

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