Darkness is coming. A little something you didn’t think about.


The darkness outside is setting in, the first signs of winter are slowly approaching (we might call it winter, but you all should know that it is merely a transformational period from fall to spring. Yey, the Netherlands).

So obviously, it will get colder. Therefore you choose to dress warmer.
It will get darker sooner (as soon as at 6 PM), so we tend to stay inside more (might also have to do with the cold, not quite sure).

To get to the point. You will be working in a darker environment, on your laptops/PC’s. You probably do not realise this, but doing so is actually harmful for your eyes, and for your sleeping patterns. The case is that the light emitted by the screens of your laptops and PC’s, is meant to be used during daytime hours. The later it gets, the more trouble you might experience going to sleep.

Research has shown that the blue LED light emitted from your screens has a tendency to block certain receptors, making your brain think that is still daytime. Therefore you are less likely to become tired. This might be a good thing, especially when working on a certain, very large project that you started way too late. Happens to the best of us.
But it is quite harmful when confronted with this on a daily basis, as you will simply get used to this and sleep less. Increasing chances that you will be late for that interesting lecture at 9AM in the morning (if you are able to get out of bed that early in the first place). This continues and might even lead to sleep-deprivation, which in no case is a good thing.


Fortunately, this can be solved. A program called f.lux, that is available on all of the major operating systems can be downloaded for free. It is a very simplistic program that¬†makes the colour of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

The program can be downloaded from: https://justgetflux.com/, where you can also find more research on which the program is based.

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