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Have you noticed something unusual about the blockbuster movie titles lately? Quick hint:  super powers, lots of action, and the faces of our all-time favorite superheroes – that’s all they  have in common. Mainstream pop culture is finally paying some attention to our inner nerd.  But putting the mainstream aside, we found what the actual latest comic book trends are. With  a little help from Guido de Bue from De Stripspecialist Brewed put together the top three most  wanted comics at the moment. Check it out!


10715958_812811158739787_986706579_nNumber 3: Guardians of the Galaxy

With a recently released blockbuster movie interpretation rated with 8.5 in IMBD, it’s not a surprise that so many people are now interested in the comic book. While, most superheroes use their special powers to protect only one city or at least stay within the borders of the Earth, the guardians of the galaxy bunch have set higher goals. The surprisingly diverse mutant team fights all evil in the cosmos. The comic books reveal space adventures full of action, so take a look.



Number 2: Batman10695293_812811228739780_467948875_n

11 movies, 6 animated films, various TV and cartoon series, and 75 years’ worth of comic series make Batman an all-time classic. Two-face, Bane, and the Joker are only a small part of Batman’s rivals. However, Batman always manages to protect Gotham city, finding a way to the hearts of the readers.   No matter what year it is, the comics remains in top 3.



Number 1: Deadpool

Due to the buzz around the Deadpool movie going to be released in 2016, the outcast of the Marvel has received extra attention. In the comics, the mentally unstable character is completely aware that he’s a part of a comic book, which makes him practically immortal. The dark humor, Deadpool’s wicked mind, and the fact that he’s at the same time a hero and an antihero makes the comics such an interesting read. The comic series Deadpool reset the whole Marvel universe, so it deserves at least a quick glance.

Surprised? Didn’t see your favorite comic book in the chart? Like it or not, the number of sales have spoken. If you feel that you know a comic series that deserves more attention, comment below. Show us your Top 3!

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