Us mADE women strive for successful futures careers. We all want a high paid jobs, without the stress. However, stress is inevitable in this industry and we can all feel a bit pressured now and again. But for us women, this could have damaging effects on our fertility. So those of us who would like a family in the future, read on.

Professor Elizabeth Cashdan of Utah University, conducted some research and found that stress related jobs cause a shift in hormones in women, resulting in more male hormones. These stress factors can be anything from obsessive dieting to excessive exercising. These male hormones are linked to competiveness and strength.

Women with high stress related jobs have androgynous figures (thin, boy shaped figures) which means they have higher levels of testosterone than oestrogen, and oestrogen is vital when we want babies. However, women who have shapely figures have higher levels of oestrogen. Women with shapely figures also have a higher level of estradiol, and are about three times more likely to conceive than women with androgynous figures.

Cashdan’s study found that women who have a smaller hip to waist ratio showed signs of more male hormones, which reduces fertility and sex appeal to men.

So, the trick is to look after yourself while maintaining a demanding job, sounds easy on paper right? As long as we are aware of the effects of stress, we can make sure we deal with it in the right way and don’t damage our chances of family life!

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By Laura Court-Jones

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