Introducing the world’s greatest online magazines



As you might know, BREWED Magazine will also be available online! We are not the only online magazine out there, and to prepare you we selected a few online magazines to keep an eye on!


Online magazines are gaining ground in the print world, and we wanted to include you in that! Here we have a few magazines for you that are ruling the online world!



The first magazine is Katachi. It is an online magazine created exclusively for the iPad. It is inspired by origami art and interactivity. Since it has been launched it has won many prices, including the Best Online Magazine of 2013.  So take a look around, and let Katachi show you a new world of online magazines!


The New Yorker

The second magazine is The New Yorker. This magazine is also available in Print, but the online version is definitely worth a look! The site contains a mix of various subjects, from politics to media, so there should be something on there for everyone!



The last magazine is called Wired Magazine. It describes itself as a magazine that delivers intelligent readers information on topic that matter most: Technology, Science, Politics and Arts. In the magazine everything from 3-d printed body parts, to how a man finished 50 triathlons in 50 days is talked about. It is available on all devices and will entertain you for hours!

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