The new BREWED team would like to say hi!


As we are starting a new year, with a new BREWED and most importantly, a new team, we think that you should know who we are (in case you feel like harrassing us in the hallways). At this moment we are working our asses off to make sure that you will get your fresh issue in time.

In any case, and without further ado, here are the teams!


The Editors in Chief


– Tzanko Kunov

– Sander Jansen


The content team!


– Laura Court-Jones

– Bo Koot

– Joske Jansen

– Veerle de Boer

– Irena Djouroleva

– Chantal van den Hoogen


The design team!

– Marty van de Ven

– Thomas van de Vorst

– Constantijn Pennekamp

– Milou de Jong

– Milena Ivanova

– Swenne Offerhaus


The marketing team!


– Sophie Fransman

– Gerard Sintnicolaas

– Berit Westerhoff

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