Have you ever seen the music video ‘Friday’ of Rebecca Black? Or the one with the little boy that rubs a banana down his face because he’s so happy with it? Or the First kiss video? They are all so well-known because they have gone viral. The power of internet is the key to making something go viral. Social media gives people the opportunity to share and like videos, images, music, games etc. and this creates a continuous circle of movements. But not every video or image that has been uploaded on the social media goes viral, so what does the trick?

Something that goes viral needs to have humorous or shocking content that appeals to people and gives them the feeling that the content needs to be shared. There is no exact constitution of something viral but it basically needs to have a lot of views in a very short time.

So what do you need to do when you want to create your own viral content? There are multiple steps that you need to follow;

1. Focussing on current trends is very important. People are busy with things that are happening right now so they will search for those things on the internet as well.

2. If you informed yourself about the current trends, it is now time to make your video or photo. Try to use as much humour as possible and always keep in mind that what you consider funny may not be funny to someone else. When you upload your video or photo, do not forget to use tags. Tags are really important to make something go viral. People need to be able to find your content even though they do not know you.

3. Try to get noticed by a celebrity. Celebrities always have a great audience that follows their social media pages. When a celebrity likes your content, you will definitely get more views. But as mentioned before, make sure your video or photo is funny enough for the celebrities to share it.

4. And, finally, upload it on Reddit. Reddit is a social media webpage that is actually made for people who want the reach a great audience with their media content. When the members of Reddit like your content they can vote for your video or photo to go up in the ‘popular’ list and then other people can watch it as well.

By Yente van den Berg

Picture Source: http://static.b2bmarketing.net/

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