San Francisco is craziness

SF is hunting on white envelopes stuffed with hundred-dollar bills. They are being hid by a anonymous but generous donor, who cares about the location and posts the hints on Twitter.

The envelopes filled with money are glued to parking meters, statues , or for example an LP cover in a record store. Hints about the location can be found on the Twitter page in the form of riddles and pictures .

On the website The Bold Italic, the gift giver announced that there is no commercial intent behind the project. ” It is a social experiment. ” He or she would not disclose his name, but shares the info that he earned the money by trading in real estate. Millions ” I am determined some of the money I earn to give away. Not only by charity, but also fun and creative ways like this. ”

Giving away money is not limited to San Francisco , did let Hidden Cash know last Sunday on Twitter. Next weekend its Los Angeles’ turn.

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