The 53 -year-old dentist and multimillionaire James Hull puts all his 457 classic cars and 365 pedal cars for sale.
For those interested, there is a “but” : the collection should go to a new owner only as a whole , reports Daily Mail .

The obsessive collector asks (converted) at least 122 million euros for the largest private car collection in Britain. For that price , the lot will includes a rare Jaguar , the Austin of Winston Churchill and a Bentley, once owned by Elton John. Hull provides about 300 memorabilia for the new owner.
Potential buyers who does not fear to have all the vehicles in their driveway, can take an example from the rich dentist. He displayed the special cars in large sheds he bought in Herefordshire specially for his collection.

Health reasons

Having survived cancer three times of surviving cancer, Hull puts a point behind his car collecting hobby, so writes Daily Mail. Flying around the world to buy new cars, the 53- year-old man did not sat still along the years.
The Londoner knows only too well that after the sale he has to find a new hobby. However, he has no idea what his next hobby will be. ” I ‘m a collector , so who knows where that leads to. My wife hopes it will be something like stamps”.

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