DAMN ! & ^ ✖ * ( ! ( ✖ ) ! # Swearing KEEPS YOU HEALTHY


We swear more than is good for us. At least , you would think so. Research by psychologists has shown that a bit of swearing is good for you. You might even be get a stronger person by doing so.

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According to Dr.Richard Stephens, a professor at Keele University, a small dose of blasphemy helpa to control your emotions and makes it easier to manage your emotions. The academician has several experiments conducted over the years to assist his theory. Recently, he let people play shooters on consoles, to see what their reactions were.


” The video games made sure participants became more aggressive and therefore more emotional in their language. Which was swearing. This also explains the curses and makes it more acceptable. More taboos we use when we are emotionally,” he told Mirror.

He continues: ” . . We grow up learning these words, the use of these words when we are emotionally gives us a stronger sense. Some words are more taboo than others, but the effect can be greater if the word is stronger. “

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