Women are stress handlers!

Women are better stress handlers!

Stress… The word itself raises hysteria on own. Lost keys, a to-do list till the sky, waiting for that phone call: we have all been there. Good news on the horizon for women though, because women tend to handle stress a lot better than the other gender on this planet.

However, that is was is being stated in this research from the university of Women. Men and women executed stressful tasks, such as speaking in public and hard to solve math. After the jobs, the participants had to write down each other’s emotions. What turned out?

It all has to do with empathy. On that aspect, women score way better anyway than their brothers, partners and fathers. Males, who feel stressed, tend to turn egocentric and lose track of empathy.
Women on the other hand, react just the other way. They keep communication going, take others into account and notice the difference of their and others’ emotions.

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