Love is in the Air


The two most happy and colorful seasons are coming up which provide us with lovely spring vibes and wonderful summer midnight dreams and bring much fun such as: vacations, barbeques, hanging around the pool and the beach, eating ice cream and maybe the best part the hot season brings, the spring flings and the summer love. From a biological and social science perspective, what is it that makes those seasons so special and sets our hearts, or that sets our loins on fire.

There are a number of factors that could promote our romantic encounters in the warm seasons, and those are not even the heightened sociability and the nice weather in comparison to the cold stay at home funk. Other circumstances could include the more revealing clothing of the season, which could cause sexual arousal, as well as that those seasons are psychologically a temporary escape from routines for some, especially with young students, which can lead to novel situations and the time to pursue love interests. People may feel more free to engage in romantic and sexual experiences if they’re ‘’on a break’’ from real life, according to Catherine Sanderson, psychology professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

More evidence lays in the summer love songs that are made over many years. There are at least seven songs with the title ‘’Summer love’’, with the most recently in 2012. Pop culture has highlighted summertime enchantment for a while now. To take just a couple: the 1971 musical and 1978 movie “Grease” with the song lyrics for its “Summer Nights” including “summer fling, don’t mean a thing . . . summer heat, boy and girl meet . . . it turned colder, that’s where it ends;” and Andre 3000 of Outkast rhyming in 1998, “I remember her number like the summer.”

Other data has also proven that summer love is not always be as positive as pop culture might show. Two years ago Facebook released statistics for 2010 and 2011 about the time of year when members of the social network changed their relationship status. The months May through August showed a big net increase in breakups, compared with net gains throughout much of the rest of the year. A chunk of relationships that ended in summer, however, could be chalked up to one or both partners being tempted by another summer’s heat.

Regardless of whether spring and summer love can be proven out of anecdotal, cultural or more stringent data collection, some particulars of the season certainly set the stage for hookups. The social activity, more time outside with fun events, exercise which brings arousal and self-assurance and of course, the temperature. Luckily for all the singles, the potential ones or the lucky ones in love, the season has started. So grab a towel, join the good vibes and send all your love to your amazing sweetheart, or simply enjoy your time in life as an ADE student!

By Cheryl Shahheidari

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