Crowd funded boobies!


The British Gemini Smith was very unhappy with her cup A size.
The thing she wanted the most, a full stack of wood in front of the door, was a bit too pricy for her!
As lucky as she was her wish was being heard by a herd of strangers.
A bunch of wild strangers crowd funded her cup DD sized boobies!









Gemini Smith opened an account on, a website for women who need a dime for some new plastic.
Within no-time Gemini raised 5000 euro for some double DD.
‘When I saw the money being donated I literality I turned crazy!’


Before the surgery I felt like a 12-year old. ‘I used to wear wide shirts hide my not-being-there boobs.
I hated them!’ Smith says to the Daily Mail. ‘My self confidence increased heaps since the surgery.
I even gained some friends online while raising the funds’.

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