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Back in 2001, film producer Mark Ruppert came up with a crazy spontaneous idea. “let’s make a short movie within 48 hours” he said. Without knowing if it was even possible he assembled his team and started working on the film for a whole weekend. The results were surprisingly great and he decided to continue his idea. The 48 hour film project was born. 10 years later around 800 competitions already have taken place all over the world including Breda.

Now the 2014 tour has begun and Breda participated as well.  Last weekend the fifth edition of the 48 hour film project in Breda took place and multiple groups attended. I was in one of these groups for the first time. The whole experience was overwhelmingly incredible. During this whole weekend you are so busy brainstorming, writing, filming and editing with your group that you cannot really pay attention to what the other groups are doing. This created a nervous and exciting atmosphere on the day that all the films were displayed in the Chassé theatre in Breda. The end results were brilliant and the quality level was really high. When the weekend was over I got curious how other participating students of the NHTV had experienced this instructive film project. I asked a few questions to my fellow participating media and entertainment management students Lionel Hulsbergen, Sam Verboven and Sven Villerius.

Why did you apply for the 48 hour film festival?

I applied for the 48 hour project because I wanted to gain more experience and work with a big team and create a high-quality movie. The 48 hour project really forces you to work hard, so I thought it would be a good learning experience. And it was. – Lionel Hulsbergen, 4th year student.

What have you learned from this project?

Due to the fact that it was a real (not school-related) project with a lot of time pressure, everybody was forced to push themselves and each other which results in actually doing more than you thought you could. I had never really managed a team of 20 or made a detailed planning for 48 hours, but I just did it. And it worked, and I enjoyed it. So I learnt that I actually like planning, and that I can do it. I think this project has given me more confidence in taking on new projects and to just do it; best way to learn. – Lionel Hulsbergen, 4th year student.

What was your role within your group?

I helped writing the script and I was basically the runner of the group. I already knew a few people of the group since they are also students at the NHTV but there were also a couple of new faces which was nice. – Sam Verboven, 2nd year student.

Are you proud of the end result?

Well, unfortunately we were not able to hand it in on time, so that was a shame. But it was a good experience and I did learn a lot from it. – Sam Verboven, 2nd year student.



What was your favourite part of the weekend?

My favourite part of the weekend was the great relation between the group members. Another favourite part of the weekend was, besides delivering the film on time, not telling everyone we had 30 minutes longer. We told everyone that the film had to be delivered by 19:00 because we wanted to create urgency. The organisation of the 48 hour film festival stated the deadline at 19:30. – Sven Villerius, 4th year student.

Would you apply again ?

I told myself that I will participate in a few years, but when the Facebook posts of the 48 hour project are passing by, I will most likely participate again. The 48 hour film festival is like a drug to me. When you have participated once, you immediately create an addiction to the stress and relief which occur during the 48 hours. – Sven Villerius, 4th year student.

By Yente van den Berg

Picture Source: TOXIC VANILLA Blogspot


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