The Selfie Era

It is hight time we  discuss this crazy obsession with selfies. Everyone knows what I’m talking about: taking a picture of yourself. We all know that the internet and social media is an outlet to let everyone know how you are doing with our life, but is it really necessary to have so many pictures of yourself? Is it the constant reassurance we need in our daily life? Or are we just a bunch of narcissistic brats?

Not only are we reading content on the internet that makes us feel good about ourselves, we are also creating that content. By taking a selfie, many people feel instantly better about themselves. Also, by sharing this to the public, they will feel better because they are showing an aspect of their life that looks very appealing, if only for one second. Many people say that this viral-obsession might be for the self-obsessed, boastful men and women, and that it might just be an outlet for a boost in their self-esteem. The Chainsmokers, a DJ duo from New York, also created a song for this obession called #Seflie. see the video here:


On the other hand, sometimes selfies can result in dangerous consequences. When someone is going through some dangerous experience, he will rather document it instead of doing the rational thing: save his life. This is the case with a man in the Great Bull Run back in January 25th, 2014. Instead of trying to escape the bull, he took a video selfie of himself trying to escape the bull. Luckily, he outran the bull and survived the run, but this is an example of extreme selfies. This is where people take selfies and possibly put their life in danger.

Another example of etreme selfies is photographer Kirill Oreshkin, who loves to take selfies from extreme heights, by hanging off of tall bridges, walking on cable bridges or standing on top of huge buildings.

Other times, selfies are taken with friends to show affection and care for these loved ones. The selfie that went viral was the famous ‘Oscar Selfie’ posted by Ellen Degeneres. This selfie has become so popular; many groups of people have taken selfies.

For example, the cast of the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars has also taken a similar selfie.

Also, Turkish protestors took a group selfie while sitting in the back of a van.


*The word ‘Selfie’ has been added to the Oxford dictionary in 2013.

*The Pope also poses for selfies.

*The celebrity with the most selfies on Twitter is Miley Cyrus. Barack Obama has the lowest selfie rate of 0 selfies.

The first selfie in history was made by amateur chemist Robert Cornelius in 1839. He made the picture by removing the lenscap and quickly running to take the picture. After that he covered up the lens and achieved to make the self-portrait. On the back he wrote “The first light Picture ever taken. 1839″


By Miarka Webb



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