It’s just a little crush

Crushes can be both exciting and terrifying. Sometimes, your emotions bounce around and you’re not sure if you actually fancy someone or not.
Urban Dictionary defines a crush as “a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.” Crushes make you feel crazy emotions, like feeling super shy and extremely dizzy at the same time.
Read the following guidelines to determine whether you have a crush!

How is your behaviour around your possible crush? How do you react when you notice your crush is around? Generally, when you have a crush you will react in one of two ways: either by becoming really shy and tongue-tied, or by becoming really outgoing.

Flirty? Did you buy new clothes you thought your crush might like? Do you spend an extra amount of time getting your hair or make-up just right, just in case you see your crush that day? Also, batting your eyes and playing with your hair are signs that you have a crush and want to flirt with him/her.

Is he/she all you think about? Can’t you stop thinking about their smile, their laugh, their face, and the things they say? If you find yourself thinking about that special person more than you think about anything else, you most likely have a crush.

Are you daydreaming? There is a difference between thinking about someone and daydreaming about someone. Do you fantasize about things that you’d want to happen? People who have crushes on other people tend to daydream about them a lot.

– Going out of your way to be near him/her? You will make excuses to walk by their locker, talk to them after class, or be close to the places you know they hang out.

Do you want to touch him/her? Even if you’re not a very touchy-feely person, you may feel a strong craving to touch the person you like or be touched by them. This is likely because you’re physically attracted to them.

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