A Game Adventure in Tokyo


Dear IGAD and IMEM students,

In this article there is someone who has an interesting story to share with you! But before you read who he is and what he is doing, I would like to start with a little background on how I found the guy.

Recently, I’ve been researching on what kind of game projects IGAD students are involved in. Even though I don’t understand anything when it comes to games, maybe the hardest ones I’ve ever played are Fruit Ninja and Candy Crush, I found most of the stories really exciting. Some of them even managed to make me even want to start playing games. I talked to a lot of IGAD students from different years and they all had interesting things to share, but the story that grabbed me the most is the one of a second year student whose amazing project took him to Japan, where he participated in the 2013Tokyo Game Show.

Let me present to you Sasan Sepehr.  He is 25 years old and he is coming from Iran, currently a second year Videogame Design and Production student. When I asked him why he had decided upon this course, he answered: “The reason that I’m studying Design and Production is because I have a very strong passion about being a Producer in the future. I believe as game industry and development studios are growing bigger, producers will have a big influence on the performance of the whole development process.” Sanan also has a background of working in the industry before coming to NHTV.

Maybe you guys wonder how he got present his work at the Tokyo Games show 2013 and how he feels about everything he experienced over there? Well, let’s find out:

“I went to Tokyo to show and present my personal work which I’ve been busy with for a few years. The IP (Intellectual Property) name is “Cyber heart” which is an Action/Drama video game. My role consists of Game Design, Narrative (including Comics) and Character Design. I am working alongside four highly passionate friends under the name “Dread Matter Entertainment”. This is a long distance based team as each member is from different part of the world such as Spain, UK, US and Japan.”

He continued, “The reason that they asked of me to go and pitch my IP was completely surprising. I was looking for an internship opportunity for next year but instead, they requested a pitch regard this IP. Alongside my missionary trip I visited Tokyo and Tokyo game show for both public and business days. It has been calculated that it broke the record of its last year with 750,000 people. As a result, I believe it was a huge experience in my life and I think I achieved something big as a second year student. I received lots of good feedback about my project and even a job offer from a famous developer.”

Besides the unforgettable Game Show, he also told me what he thinks of the city and its culture:

“This trip was an unforgettable experience for me as I loved every inch of Tokyo. The city is big and people are warm. It’s impossible to walk in the streets and not get drowned in the city life. Japanese food was delicious and you can always find all type of different foods other than Japanese traditional food. Gaming wise, Japan is an amazing place. You can always find Arcade centres and shops all around as they even sell video games in super markets. I wish I can go back for next year’s event as I’m already missing Tokyo.”

If Sanan’s story got you interested and/or you want to find more information about his Works, you can either visit www.DreadMatter.com or follow him on Twitter (@xC4RM1N3x )

By Diana Atanasova

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