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Ethiopia: Body Scars
In the African country Ethiopia it is a ritual that young girls get cut with knifes and razor blades to create cuts. These cuts create prominent scars that are considered to be beautiful in Ethiopian tribal societies. By doing this kind of ritual, a girl can show that she is willing to tolerate pain and it is seen as an indication of her emotional maturity and willingness to bear children. Currently, the children are not allowed anymore to get the scars, but the men of the tribe say they find the women not as pretty without the scars.

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Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world? No matter if you do an internship, work-and-travel, exchange or vacation– a travel diary can be your best buddy during that time. It is a little book, you create yourself, that can help you with coping homesickness, remember visually what you experienced and reflect your own personal..

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It is a Friday night, but your plans for the night were canceled. You go to some websites searching for movies but you can see only the usual blockbusters or cliché movies produces nowadays. Yeah, we are a little bit tired of this too and we understand your struggles. In this article, we want...

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